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What is the price of an ETA for Canada?

The fees for ETA Canada per person includes service fees, consular fees and taxes. The english form makes it easy to apply for the AVE.

How much does it cost to apply for an ETA Canada?

To obtain an AVE, you must pay a number of fees, including service fees, digital processing or issuance, and also French language assistance. All of these expenses are included in the application price of XX euros per person. It also doesn't matter if you want to go there for business or for tourism: you will need the ETA only to enter Canada.

What is the cost of an emergency ETA Canada?

When you need an emergency ETA Canada, you must indicate this on the application form. By choosing the urgent option, the average delivery time can be reduced from 3 days to 20 minutes. This allows us to detect errors and process the application more quickly. However, even in an emergency situation, there is no guarantee that the ETA Canada will arrive in a timely manner.

An urgent application may also be subject to random review in extreme circumstances. Additional questions may also be asked, especially if the immigration service believes that you have not completed the form completely. For urgent applications, an additional fee of XX euros per person will be charged.

In case of a rejection, the cost of the application will be refunded

If an EV application is unusually rejected, the reason is often the travel history. Indeed, visitors who have already encountered problems in travelling to Canada or applying for a visa or an ETA are more likely to be rejected. The same problem arises for people who have already lived in the country and are still officially registered. When your application for an ETA is rejected, you will be reimbursed the full cost of the AVE.

Pay your expenses using recognized methods of payment

The ETA Canada fee can be conveniently and securely paid using the most common payment methods. If you choose to pay by credit card or bank transfer, your application will be approved more quickly. However, you also have the option of paying with PayPal or a Visa credit card. Payment is free of charge, regardless of the method you choose. In addition, all prices listed include all fees related to consular services. Additional fees are to be expected if you wish to obtain your ETA in a hurry.