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How long is an ETA Canada valid for ?

Your ETA for Canada will remain valid for no more than 5 years. Renewing your passport will also cause the validity period to expire. The ETA document permits you unlimited movement within Canada. The maximum authorized duration of your stay is 6 months without interruption.

The ETA is good up to five years.

The ETA Canada remains valid for five years following the date of issuance, or until the expiration of the passport used to apply for it. After your ETA was issued, did you obtain a replacement passport? If so, you will need to reorder an ETA with the same passport number. The airline will no longer be able to verify that you hold an ETA which is valid with this new passport.

The Canada ETA is electronically tied to the passport you used.

The application is processed once payment has been made to obtain your Canada ETA. The ETA is usually issued within 3 days. The ETA is valid immediately upon issuance. It is associated with the passport and more precisely, with the number assigned to your passport.

When you check in with your airline, you will be asked for the number of your passport. To determine if your ETA is valid, simply check the number on your passport on the immigration system website. You do not need to print and carry your proof of eligibility with you on your trip.

Each stay is limited to no more than 6 consecutive months.

Just because the Canada ETA is good for 5 years is no guarantee that you will be able to remain in Canada for that period. You will get a passport stamp when you arrive. This stamp specifies the date when you must depart the country. Generally, this date is exactly 6 months after your arrival. In some cases, however, it may be shorter:

  • If you temporarily left Canada in order not to overstay.
  • If you cannot afford to remain in Canada long-term.
  • If you cannot justify your presence in Canada.

Other reasons for the expiration of your Canadian visa

In Canada, travelers who wish to leave with an ETA are required to meet several conditions. In particular, you must not be a security risk. An ETA may be revoked if you experience an event that leads immigration officials to conclude that you are a security risk. In such cases, it is possible to quickly revoke the ETA's validity. This is the case whether or not you have already been issued a certificate of allocation. The same principle will apply if you are found to have violated any country's visa or immigration laws.

If there is a typographical problem on your ETA form, a new ETA must be requested. When the application is accepted, it instantly replaces your current ETA, which resolves the problem. When your new application is refused or unprocessed, you should request a visa to visit Canada.

How to extend the duration of your ETA from Canada

When you wish to remain in Canada beyond six successive months, it is indeed possible to request an extension of stay as long as you were actually in Canada. Nevertheless, it is impossible to guarantee that this request will be granted in advance. On the other hand, if you intend to be staying longer than six months in Canada before your departure, you should apply for a Canadian visa rather than an ETA. The process of obtaining a visa is more complex and time consuming. However, it ensures that you will be able to remain in Canada more than 6 months before your departure.