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Do you need an ESTA in transit ?

A visitor's visa, ESTA or U.S. passport is needed to enter the USA. The airline will check a passenger's passport number against the requirements when checking in for a flight.

The ESTA USA is unlimited in the number of transits during its validity period

Except if the passport used to acquire it expires before, the ESTA USA is good for two years.

It is therefore permissible to use an ESTA several times for transits through the United States. The application documents must indicate only one arrival date. However, if your arrival date changes or if you start a new trip, no information is required. When the passport or ESTA used for its application expires, another application is required to transit or travel through the country.

ESTA USA is more convenient than obtaining a visa

Submitting an ESTA application is easier than applying for a visa. To obtain a visa, you must make an appointment with a U.S. consulate (or embassy). In addition, the visa is more expensive than the ESTA. On the other hand, the ESTA application is fast, simple and is done online. Therefore, the ESTA is the ideal method to travel to the United States.

Can you leave an airport in transit?

In fact, it is perfectly possible to exit the airport while in transit in the country and even stay for a few days if you wish. The ESTA USA permit is valid for a maximum of 90 days. Please note that airlines and airports may impose additional requirements. Travelers wishing to leave the airport between flights should contact their airline.

Any stopover in the United States also requires an ESTA.

The terms stopover and transit are often used interchangeably. A transit flight is one where the passenger leaves the plane in the U.S. and takes a new plane for the rest of their trip. In contrast, in the case of a stopover, the passenger arrives in the United States. He/she is obliged to get on or off the plane and take the same flight again to reach his/her destination. Both transit and stopover require a visa or ESTA.

The transit ESTA can be used for a variety of reasons

Travelers must indicate on the ESTA form that they intend to travel to the United States for transit purposes only. In this situation, travelers are not required to provide information about their intended visit to the United States. Instead, they receive a travel authorization identical to that needed for a trip to the United States. The ESTA can be used for transit or to stay in the U.S. for up to 90 days as part of a tourist or business trip. The trip must still meet the ESTA criteria.