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Emergency application for an ESTA USA

Requesting an ESTA for the USA urgently

The ESTA form can take up to 3 days to process. In case of emergency, the "Emergency Insurance" option should be selected during the process. In this situation, the ESTA will often be granted within the hour, although no promises can be made regarding the turnaround time for these applications. It is therefore advisable to request your ESTA well before you visit the USA.

When do you need your ESTA?

Commercial airlines that fly to the USA have an agreement with the federal government. The airline must verify that each passenger has a valid ESTA or visa when checking in. Be aware that your ESTA USA is required upon arrival at the airport. Once you have completed your ESTA application and received authorization, you can proceed through security and customs. You will not be able to proceed to pre-check-in until you receive your ESTA authorization.

Is there a difference between the regular process and an emergency application?

An emergency ESTA application can be submitted using the regular form on this webpage (you must find the "Emergency Issue" option). In fact, an additional fee of €17.50 per person will be charged in addition to the normal price of the ESTA USA for emergency issue (€79). Once the form is completed and payments are made, your application will be processed very quickly. The ESTA USA application is completed in an average of 20 minutes, and the approval process takes less than an hour. Although the process of determining whether or not an emergency application will be approved takes only one hour, there is actually no guarantee that every emergency submission is going to get approved within 60 minutes.

What is the most appropriate solution for an emergency request?

According to U.S. CBP, travelers are advised to apply for their ESTA ASAP. This means that you must apply every time you plan to travel to the United States within two years (even if your travel date or destination is undetermined). So, if you choose to travel to the U.S. right away, you can avoid having to apply for an ESTA in a hurry.

Is it necessary to submit the emergency application if the regular application has already been submitted?

In general, there is no need to file an emergency application if the regular application has already been filed. Instead of accelerating the process, it may actually increase the processing time of the application.

What is the procedure for obtaining an ESTA?

You will receive a confirmation via SMS and email shortly after your application has been authorized. This confirmation will not be printed and you do not need to present your ESTA when you fly. At check-in, passport information is verified to ensure that your ESTA USA is valid and that the visitor is authorized to board the plane.

If you plan to go to the United States, be sure to get your ESTA issued as soon as possible. You can apply for an ESTA six months in advance if you plan to visit the USA, because it is valid for two years.

Act immediately if you encounter difficulties with your online ESTA application!

Every day, due to ESTA-related difficulties, people are unable to board their long-planned flight. In most situations, the cause of these problems is due to an error in filling out the passport information on the application document. If the ESTA is not found in the immigration system, it is possible that a letter was copied incorrectly. The problem is not resolved by submitting an ESTA USA or confirming that it has been accepted. An ESTA USA that has already been approved cannot be cancelled.

If an error is made, the only way to obtain an ESTA is to reapply, which can be done quickly. After a risk assessment, your application will be processed again and your ESTA will be granted or denied. Since you must complete the flight check-in process after your application has been accepted, it is essential to act quickly if your application is rejected.